2021 is coming....i'm turning 40

One of my all time favorite quotes is "Aging is a gift, not everyone gets to do it." That being said as I countdown towards my birthday in 2021 I couldn't be in a better space in life. I am fortunate that given all that is going on in 2020 my family and I are overall healthy, we are together and making the best out of home confinements in the time of COVID-19.

I am proactively trying to keep a positive attitude and make the most of what is. Which is why I've decided to challenge myself to a 40/40 Challenge. Ironically, it came to mind during a work out. Chris (my hubby) and I had alternated on times to go out in the morning for bike rides. I happen to have a bike stand for indoor riding, but for some reason I really wanted to go out. So I woke up a whole hour earlier, at 4:45am, I am sooooo not a morning person, much less a 4:45am person. I went for my ride in the quite of the morning and enjoyed it. I can back home and was able to enjoy the sunrise, slowly eat my breakfast, shower and prepare for the day and still have time to relax. I felt like I had a great start to my day.

It was during one of these rides that I realized I get some great thinking in. Thats how I came to creating the 40/40 Challenge for myself. Since I was averaging 10 miles a ride, why not aim for 4 days at 10 miles a day for 40 miles a week or 160 miles a month. Over the course of the month of October, I looked forward to going out for my rides. I looked forward to the dark roads and quite mornings. I was averaging 9 miles in an hour. And my goal became to hit 10 mils in under 60 mins. I quickly and steadily managed to hit 10 miles under an hour consistently Then I hit a personal best of 13 miles. Then today, I hit 15 miles in 1hr and 20 minutes.

Ive also given a lot of thought of what I want to do in the upcoming six months. I'll make a list. Needless to say, 40 is the theme for this project. And I am very excited of what is to come. I will be compiling a list and sharing in another post. Ultimately, my aim is to enjoy life. Be grateful for what I have given the chaos and uncertainty of 2020. Tomorrow is promised to no one, so make the best of today.