new normal

Well, here is it is. My first official published blog post. YIKES. This is my little piece of real estate on the internet started in the time of COVID-19. Back in December 2019 when I purchased my ticket to the Click Away Photography Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, I would have never imagined that this would be the world today this many months later. I have been a photographer now for over 20 years now. As with any craft there have been on and off projects and collective bodies of work. I got married, had babies, moved around the world and back again.

Life and work demands took over and my camera bag sat for a period of time. On occasion I would find something to document, but nothing quite like a passion project. As an artist, it's not as simple as just paint something, or write something. There needs to be a feeling, an inspiration, something that gets the creative juices flowing. Don't get me wrong, life has seasons. I had the opportunity to spend a great amount of time with my family, travel the world, pursue many interest and read tons of books.

The silver lining to COVID-19 is that it literally forced the world to slow down. It forced me to reflect and reassess what it is that really matters, what do I really want to do with my time and what are my passions that I really want to pursue? What am I to do with all the camera gear I have collected over the years and the brand new upgrade camera I finally treated myself to earlier this year.

Well given the imposed restrictions placed and much time spent at home, there was no better time to revisit my passions. I've had lots of time to organize my photos, make albums, order prints and take photos of empty spaces. There 's like like the gift of time. Time to grow, to learn, to read, to think, to explore to write. So this is my challenge to myself. To just pursue my interest and stop dreaming about them. Time will not wait for anyone. Not even in the time of COVID-19.