my gear

As with any artist they have their tools. As a photographer it is fair to say that I have gone thru my fair share of camera over the years. I've had point and shoots, single use, my first entry level DSLR to what I currently have in my bag. So without further ado. Welcome to my gear. c

Canon EOS-R

canon eos r

My newest baby and my 3rd DSLR camera is the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera. I was fortunate enough to borrow this beauty at the Click Away Photography Conference in Atlanta earlier this year and let's just say I was in awe. While I am not a techy or get caught up in the tech lingo, what I do love about this model is that its significantly lighter, it has a touch screen and it is blue tooth enable so it can sync to my phone and I can edit via Lightroom Mobile without even taking my memory card out. The features on this camera are insane and we will continue to get well aquatinted. It is a much welcomed upgrade from my last camera purchase that was coming on 10 years old.

canon eos mark ii

This was my 2nd DSLR. I treated myself to this beauty. I was thrilled as it was my 1st full frame camera. Granted it sounds techy but I really had no clue what that really meant other than moving up from my consumer DSLR to a "professional" DSLR. This baby has served me well over the years. But lets just say, when I dropped it off at the Canon suite for a complimentary cleaning I was told that they shouldn't have accepted it given the age of it and they were just barely able to update it. Regardless, she still works but she's no where near the performance of the EOS R. But as a back up she will remain in the family.

Canon Prime Lenses

prime me up baby

I love red ring lenses the way some people love red bottom shoes. There is nothing like a great piece of glass. Ironically, while I love the creaminess of the 85mm, I am not a fan of the weight of it. It is a very heavy piece of glass. But we will get better acquainted.

The 50mm 1.4 stays on my camera 95% of the time. It truly lives up to its name of the nifty 50. It's light, it's fast, it's an all around lens. I haven't gotten my hands on the 50mm 1.2 yet but based on reviews that I have read the cost isn't worth the difference for 1 stop. I may rent it one day but until then, me and this baby will continue to shoot.

Canon Zoom Lenses

zoom me up

While I have these lenses, I hate to admit that I really don't use them as much as I should. I love the 16-35mm for its wide angles and great to use for landscapes. Occasionally, I will use it on a session if the backdrop is amazing and I cant quite get with the 50mm.

The 24-70mm lens is another that doesn't get much action either. It's a great portrait lens and very versatile but it's very bulk and so heavy. But I do love the zoom capability that just is an option with a prime lens.

Canon AT-1

canon at-1

I can't even begin to express how much I love this little camera. It was a gift from my husband (he knows the way to my heart). What's old is new again and film photography has made a big come back. I love this camera for many reasons. First of all, it comes with a 50mm lens. It is user friendly, I used to be very intimidated with film, I struggled just to load it. It really forces one to slow down and be intentional with the shots you take. Unlike digital, you don't have the luxury to delete what you don't like. You have to really focus in on your subject and be patient to click. Then patiently wait for the developed images to come back. I absolutely love the grain of film. Granted you can get the same effect with a filter. But it's the craftsmanship of film that is truly remarkable that you simply can't replicate.

wish list

As any enthusiast would, I have my own wish list items that one day I will acquire. Those are as follows:

70-200mm 1.4

35mm wide angle lens

A Macro lens

A fully equipped photo studio

A drone, not sure which one

A girl can have goals right.