“How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin-that's what really makes you beautiful”

The Brown Skin Girl Project is a photo series dedicated to capturing portraits of girls and women in the beautiful skin that they are in. This is a self love, self acceptance, self confidence portrait series intended to display all that we are. To see ourselves, to show ourselves and show others that we are here in our own non conforming way.

As a young Afro-Latina girl I had many complexes and insecurities about the way I looked. Growing up as a Puertorican girl I didn't fit the mold of the stereotypical Hispanic woman, nor did I look like any of my lighter skinned, long straight hair cousins. I hated my hair, I hated my nose, I didn't love my complexion, I lacked self esteem and which ultimately impacted my view of myself for a long time. It was't until I reached my early 30's that I came to accept that "this is me, this is my hair, this is my nose."In 2011 I completed a Self-Portrait Series that allowed me to reconnect to myself and find myself and my voice. I came to the acceptance that beauty truly comes from within in. Inner peace, confidence, passion and happiness all comes from within.

Why Now??

As a mother now, I want nothing more than to instill self love and self acceptance in my kids. I want them to be secure in themselves, to own their awkwardness and be confident in their abilities. I want my kids to love and embrace and accept the big hair and the brown skin they are in now. It is a part of who they are.

I want young girls to see and fall in love with portraits of themselves and gain an appreciation of the reflection looking back. I want women to see themselves and stand tall and proud of the women they have evolved into. Growth is transformational, growth is progress and growth is wisdom. The sooner we learn and embrace it the brighter we shine. True beauty shines from within.

"Your greatest responsibility is to love

yourself and know you are enough"

contact for session and additional information

Session Fee: $300

45 minute session

short Q&A Questionnaire

1 roll of film and development

10-12 digital film images

5 edited final images

*a model release will be required for project participation*


As I move back to the continental United States I will begin scheduling sessions within my new home city and state and planned travel stops for 2021:

Belleville, Illinois

St. Louis, Missouri

Orlando, Florida